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What is the role of the suction platform UV tablet printer
Time:【2016-07-28】 Count【2225】 【Print】【Back

   Ricoh UV printer why use suction platform? This paper introduces the role of suction platform.

The adsorption function is mainly for some soft materials (such as leather, plastic, PVC) design, open the adsorption function, can make soft materials more smooth machine shop on the platform above, convenient nozzle jet printing, printhead protection and better, as we all know, the printing of soft materials, soft the material is very easy to rise, but the material will lead to a tilt, nozzle material and friction, it will not only cause material scrap, will also have damage to the nozzle. 

  And the adsorption platform is not the same as the glass platform, glass platform machine has no adsorption function, in the printing of soft materials must be fixed with adhesive tape, very troublesome, and a waste of time, so the adsorption function in many functions of the UV printer in the role should not be overlooked.

 So UV printer adsorption function is how to operate it? The operation is very simple, as long as you put the material on the adsorption platform, open the adsorption function on it. The adsorption platform is a honeycomb hole, open the adsorption function, can make the material attached to the platform above.

Of course, the air suction platform also has a blowing function, you can easily make the weight of the product easy to move out of the plane. Above is the role of the suction platform, which is the reason why the suction platform is more fashionable.