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  • The development prospect of UV flat printer


      UV flatbed printer using UV curing ink and printing technology to achieve digital spray that is dry, apply to materials widely, in any material on the surface of color inkjet printing equipment, the modern trend of other traditi……

  • Aluminum plate printer which is good


       Aluminum plate printer is the latest Ricoh UV flatbed printer, it no plate, print, duplicate registration steps, various types of tools, materials without the need for screen printing and thermal transfer needed. Using our UV p……

  • Two tablet printers successful ex factory


    In May 14th, Jingutian two 1610uv printer successfully sent to Foshan, Chaozhou. Thanks to the trust and support from the customers in Foshan and Chaozhou at the same time! Before the arrival of the logistics driver has 3 engineer……

  • Mobile phone shell printer market outlook


       Mobile phone shell printer market outlook. With the popularity of iPhone mobile phone, HUAWEI mobile phone market, apple, HUAWEI mobile phone shell is more and more widely used by everyone, it can be said that as long as there ……

  • What is the purpose of universal printer


     Universal printer is an exaggeration, the reason is that it can print on a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic, glass, marble, ceramic tile, wood, acrylic etc.. The utility model belongs to an ink jet type printing proce……

  • Good application prospect of ceramic ink jet printer


    Ceramic ink jet printer is directly printed on the surface of ceramic by means of ink jet printing. Compared with the traditional ceramic decorative means, the ink jet printing technology has the advantage of breakthrough. Can rea……

  • What are the famous brand UV printers in China


    From the development trend of today's society, China's UV printer brand numerous, due to the technical characteristics of each kind of different brands, UV printers are also different. At present, Ricoh UV printer by the a……

  • A large UV printer sent to Huizhou


    April 30th afternoon, at the same time to meet may day, a large 2513uv printer successfully sent to Huizhou. After careful packing and packing of employees, sent to Huizhou, Huizhou, and very grateful to the trust and support of t……

  • Jingutian articles UV printer in Shenzhen Gift Show


    In April 25th, the twenty-fourth China (Shenzhen) International Gift Fair held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the exhibition time for a period of four days, with a small gift UV printer to participate in this exhibi……

  • UV tablet printer production advantage


        Now UV tablet printer in various industries rise, then what is its production advantages? The following Jingutian UV flatbed printer manufacturers for you to explain:  1 original digital printing limited to flexible material, ……

  • Notice on May Day holiday


    May day is approaching, the company has a holiday as follows: January May 2nd, a total of 2 days in May, May 3rd (Tuesday) to work as usual.Dear customers: May Day period, need to order a variety of ink new and old customers pleas……

  • 3 UV tablet printers successfully sent to Zhejiang


    Sunday morning, Ningbo, Yiwu, Jinhua, Zhejiang customer's UV tablet printer success. At the same time thank the Zhejiang customer for the trust and support of the!Nine in the morning, workshop supervisors and technicians early……