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  • 风靡家装行业的uv平板打印机


         uv平板打印机广泛运用到家装行业中,无论是天花吊顶彩印、电视背景墙制作、瓷砖壁画生产、还是家具面板彩印,平板打印机都能搞定,今天小编就带大家看看uv打印机在家装行业的运用。玄关、客厅、卧室、厨房、书房、儿童房、走廊过道、卫生间、隔断屏风……     UV平板打印机又称万能打印机,由于打印材料的多样性,使它有了更广的应用领域,能够满足各行业、各种材料彩色印刷客户的多种需求, 所以它能开辟出新的商机,为创业的有志之士带来机遇。     uv平板喷绘机……

  • Glass printing machine widely used in decoration industry


    Appear on the market to adapt to the universal printer glass, ceramics, metal, plastic and other materials, has been applied to glass decoration industry, glass inkjet printing technology, made a very welcome development in the fi……

  • 10 common Photoshop bad habits


        We use UV tablet printer in the need to use Photoshop, AI and other image processing tools, they gathered a lot of excellent features, so that our design work has become more intelligent and automated. However, in the daily u……

  • What is the difference between the UV printer and the traditional print


       UV printer does not need to be fast and inexpensive, and can be used for various output software. Direct computer to change color, can be changed at any time and at any time to complete the color, that is, to take, to meet the ……

  • What is the role of the suction platform UV tablet printer


       Ricoh UV printer why use suction platform? This paper introduces the role of suction platform.The adsorption function is mainly for some soft materials (such as leather, plastic, PVC) design, open the adsorption function, can m……

  • Acrylic color printing machine in life


         Acrylic is also called organic glass, its chemical name PMMA, good transparency, corrosion resistance, high temperature and low temperature glass it is not so fragile, but also has good printability and spraying, spray can pr……

  • Jingutian business KTV party


    In July 22nd, Jin Gutian K all colleagues business department, the party organized by the team leader, hope to promote exchanges in the work, as well as new colleagues can quickly into the family of Jin Gutian. The following is ……

  • Processing of cracks in UV printing leather


        We just started using UV printing leather, you will encounter a lot of problems, or the printing effect is not strong, or print patterns have cracks, or print effect can not meet the sun waterproof, waterproof, and so on. In t……

  • Ricoh G5 and G4 head


       Ricoh nozzle is the nozzle are UV printer to the best use, from the printing effect, its stability, comprehensive performance out of print speed, so Ricoh price than EPSON, Toshiba, head to expensive Seiko, konica.    With the ……

  • 1016 and 1015uv tablet printer difference


        The common 1015uv refers to EPSON printer nozzle and the 1016 nozzle is Ricoh printer, a new machine, they are named after the print format is 1 meters, 1016 meters and 1015 x 1.6, 1 x 1.5 meter print format. Their parameters ……

  • 3 sets of 1010uv printer factory


      In July 8th, 3 sets of 1010uv printers have factory, customer order 1010uv printer is not the factory is working overtime production, we are in the process to speed up the production of the machine, while ensuring the quality of……

  • What should be paid attention to the purchase of universal flat-panel printers?


     With now UV tablet printing function more and more powerful, more and more areas began to use UV tablet printer, then buy the machine when should pay attention to what?1, UV printer stabilityIn normal terms, the higher the stabi……