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  • Once a year Jingutian fire drill


    Went to the summer, close to 51, Jingutian staff held once a year the fire drills to improve emergency fire emergency ability. First of all, facing the fire, keep calm, then the security of the evacuation, in order to escape from……

  • India two large flat-panel printers successfully manufactured


    India customers in our company purchased two sets of large flat-panel printers today successfully manufactured, the machine uses the Ricoh nozzle, equipped with a servo motor and a Teflon suction platform. As India agents, India a……

  • Ningbo customer tablet printer factory


    Ningbo ordered 2513 large format flatbed printer and customers in Shenzhen 4550 small UV printer successfully manufactured today. 2513 large format printers fully meet the customers in Ningbo industrial production requirements, hi……

  • Out of a large flat printer in Guangzhou successfully manufactured


    Guangzhou's customers in my company's procurement of a large flat printer today successfully manufactured, machine parts are using the international top suppliers. The most popular attention and Ricoh G5 industrial grade……

  • Jingutian April early recognition of outstanding employees


    Today ushered in a monthly outstanding staff recognition, passionate partners with the most enthusiastic applause welcome the two were February and March sales crown. The company also made outstanding achievements in April in re……

  • Universal tablet printer application areas


    Universal tablet printer application areas? It is used very widely, can print pattern on metal, wood, glass, tiles, plastics and other materials, the following Jingutian to introduce application in three industries.     Glass indu……

  • 4550uv printer successfully sent to Poland


    Poland customers buy 4550uv printer factory successfully sent to Poland, in the packaging do tight protection, sent to Poland Road, at the same time available to thank the Poland Jingutian printer trust. Jingutian 4550uv printer i……

  • In April the party


    Sales Department staff Southern China City dinner, in celebration of the March brilliant performance cheers, but also for our April to achieve better results cheer!After dinner, they started to sing into K, relax in loud singing l……

  • How to select a tablet printer


    How to select a tablet printer? Many of my friends have such doubt, the Jingutian printer manufacturers to introduce flat-panel printers, from scratch, from coarse to fine, from the complex operation to easily print, from product ……

  • The good news 2513uv printer successfully sent to Shandong


    Today, 2513uv printer successfully sent to Shandong, the printer is in full compliance with the requirements of the customer industrial production, high precision, strong function, structural stability. The engineers were manufact……

  • Disadvantages of screen printing process


    At present, the printing industry needs to print something is varied, but the main face is to find a suitable machine to print their products, with the development of UV printing technology, UV printing technology is widely used i……

  • Billboard UV color printing technology and printing the advantages


    With the UV printing process is widely known, more and more businesses to do the advertising industry by the traditional screen printing process have turned to UV printing this process, following us to see the advantages of UV pri……