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  • Jingutian business KTV party


    In July 22nd, Jin Gutian K all colleagues business department, the party organized by the team leader, hope to promote exchanges in the work, as well as new colleagues can quickly into the family of Jin Gutian. The following is ……

  • 3 sets of 1010uv printer factory


      In July 8th, 3 sets of 1010uv printers have factory, customer order 1010uv printer is not the factory is working overtime production, we are in the process to speed up the production of the machine, while ensuring the quality of……

  • Stunned! Super stability kgt-1016uv printer for only 99999 yuan!


    Last month old customer feedback Rangli activities, activities are very successful, just 25 days 28 Taiwan machine sold almost all activities. But the people of kgt-1010 or enthusiasm so far according to customer requirements a……

  • All colleagues Huizhou two day tour


    Hot summer, in order to relax and promote the exchange of physical and mental. Jingutian company arranged Huizhou 6.18, 19 days for two days, the 2 day tour of Huizhou contains Xunliao Bay fishing, CS field, beach barbecue, karao……

  • 2 2513uv tablet printing success


    The Dragon Boat Festival received false return, the company immediately shipped two units of Shenzhen customers 2513uv tablet printers, very grateful to the support of Shenzhen customer support!To eat dumplings, dragon boat race……

  • A 2513uv tablet printer sent to Hunan


        May 30th, 1 sets of 2513uv printers sent to Hunan, Hunan, thanks to the trust and support of the customer!   After the technicians are packed with the sun, the sun will be sent to the car, and at the same time hope that it wil……

  • 2 2513uv tablet printers sent to India


      In May 26th, Jingutian 2 2513uv printer successfully sent to one of the four ancient civilizations of India. The staff were examined for packaging and final 2513uv flat-panel printers, ready for their journey. Customers in India……

  • Jingutian 1010uv flatbed printer strong incoming price straight down 30 thousand


    When it comes to the recent social events, but Cai Yingwen was elected leader of the Taiwan region, the mainland's Taiwan moves frequently, has become a hot topic of the people at leisure. There is at the dawn of June, Shenzhe……

  • Two tablet printers successful ex factory


    In May 14th, Jingutian two 1610uv printer successfully sent to Foshan, Chaozhou. Thanks to the trust and support from the customers in Foshan and Chaozhou at the same time! Before the arrival of the logistics driver has 3 engineer……

  • What are the famous brand UV printers in China


    From the development trend of today's society, China's UV printer brand numerous, due to the technical characteristics of each kind of different brands, UV printers are also different. At present, Ricoh UV printer by the a……

  • A large UV printer sent to Huizhou


    April 30th afternoon, at the same time to meet may day, a large 2513uv printer successfully sent to Huizhou. After careful packing and packing of employees, sent to Huizhou, Huizhou, and very grateful to the trust and support of t……

  • Jingutian articles UV printer in Shenzhen Gift Show


    In April 25th, the twenty-fourth China (Shenzhen) International Gift Fair held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the exhibition time for a period of four days, with a small gift UV printer to participate in this exhibi……