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  • The good news 2513uv printer successfully sent to Shandong


    Today, 2513uv printer successfully sent to Shandong, the printer is in full compliance with the requirements of the customer industrial production, high precision, strong function, structural stability. The engineers were manufact……

  • The good news Ricoh 3 Taiwan UV printer successfully machine


    Hot wire! Guangzhou customer order 2 KGT-1610 and a KGT-2513 today successfully factory, UV printers are used Ricoh (Ricoh) G5 nozzle, its high precision and fast speed, strong function and stable performance. Jingutian UV printer……

  • The fourteenth Shanghai advertising exhibition and you meet in March


    Shenzhen city Jingutian technology with you at the 2016 session of the twenty-fourth Shanghai international advertising equipment exhibition, the exhibition, Jingutian technology company with the latest 2513 Ricoh UV printers, 455……

  • UV printer factory tutor you how to maintain the sprinkler


    Jingutian UV printer factory teach you how to maintain the head? If the nozzle is not for a long time, please follow the following procedures to carry out the protection of the head:1, close two cartridges to switch the ink nozzle……

  • The secret of winning Jingutian universal printer manufacturers


    The market competition has become increasingly fierce in the early stage of reform and opening up the market demand is far greater than the supply, then only a small part of the factory came into being, as long as the product is s……

  • Select the 9 major advantages of Jingutian flat-panel printers


    1 the first batch of domestic research and development, production of flat-panel printer manufacturers, a number of unique technology, focusing on universal printing equipment, high-tech private enterprises. The main R & D, pr……