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  • What should be paid attention to the purchase of universal flat-panel printers?


     With now UV tablet printing function more and more powerful, more and more areas began to use UV tablet printer, then buy the machine when should pay attention to what?1, UV printer stabilityIn normal terms, the higher the stabi……

  • Factors affecting the printing effect of UV printers


    One, their own factors:1, UV configuration printer nozzle, nozzle, precision hardware directly affect the print effect.2, UV color printer software, software machine software directly affect the print effect.Two, other factors:   ……

  • Common nozzle price and life of UV tablet printer


    Common nozzle:   1 Ricoh series: at present Ricoh nozzle with development to have G5, of course G4, gh2220 small Ricoh, comparable with G5. Ricoh machine in the industrial production of high popularity!   2 EPSON series: start ear……

  • UV tablet printer notes


      Modaobuwukanchaigong, UV printer maintenance and use will reduce, increase revenue! This article talk about the UV printer notes.One, UV printer configuration Machine hardware and software configuration to meet their own require……

  • UV color bring you into a colorful world


    Background wall print effect chart:Mobile phone shell printing effect chart:Leather printing effect chart:Glass printing effect chart:Advertising signs printing effect chart:

  • Jade 3D popular background wall decoration industry


     Recently the decoration industry ushered in the new - imitation jade backdrop, it can be used as a TV backdrop, business hall background. Imitation jade backdrop like jade Feiyu, perfect its 3D effect is even more curious, you ma……

  • The packing box leading UV flat-panel printers.


     "The dragon boat day after midsummer, Qing long" immediately to meet once a year of the Dragon Boat Festival, I believe everyone will eat dumplings, dragon boat races to commemorate Qu Yuan. Here to wish you a happy Dragon Boat f……

  • The difference of UV printer and printer, flatbed printer


       Tablet printers include UV printers, and UV printers need to use UV ink to use, while the tablet printer also has a weak solvent ink does not require UV UV lamp. They have a common advantage is that the fight that is dry. A dif……

  • The development prospect of UV flat printer


      UV flatbed printer using UV curing ink and printing technology to achieve digital spray that is dry, apply to materials widely, in any material on the surface of color inkjet printing equipment, the modern trend of other traditi……

  • Aluminum plate printer which is good


       Aluminum plate printer is the latest Ricoh UV flatbed printer, it no plate, print, duplicate registration steps, various types of tools, materials without the need for screen printing and thermal transfer needed. Using our UV p……

  • Mobile phone shell printer market outlook


       Mobile phone shell printer market outlook. With the popularity of iPhone mobile phone, HUAWEI mobile phone market, apple, HUAWEI mobile phone shell is more and more widely used by everyone, it can be said that as long as there ……

  • What is the purpose of universal printer


     Universal printer is an exaggeration, the reason is that it can print on a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic, glass, marble, ceramic tile, wood, acrylic etc.. The utility model belongs to an ink jet type printing proce……