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  • Billboard UV color printing technology and printing the advantages


    With the UV printing process is widely known, more and more businesses to do the advertising industry by the traditional screen printing process have turned to UV printing this process, following us to see the advantages of UV pri……

  • UV printing technology has become the new darling of the line


    Japanese printing industry before the emergence of a variety of UV printing technology products, in fact, this process as early as 07 years ago has been promoted, but based on various types of products for individual demand is not……

  • Daily maintenance of universal printer


    Many customers are concerned about the purchase of universal printer a problem - the daily maintenance of universal printer. First of all, we should pay attention to the problem: to ensure that the ink supply system is smooth, the……

  • Mobile phone shell printer which is good


    Cell phone shell printer which is good? I believe that mobile phone shell manufacturers will have such a question? With the rapid development of the printer industry, mobile phone shell printer has won wide range of cell phone she……

  • Glass material with a flat printer to fly it


    I recently received many companies frequently decoration industry requirements for glass print patterns, will also mean a huge potential market in the glass industry, through our testing of glass material can smoothly through adhe……

  • Universal printer maintenance method


    We need to maintain the daily universal printer, if not to maintenance will also be prone to failure, the following Jingutian small finishing some universal printer maintenance method: 1 basic cleaning method: according to the pos……

  • Universal color printing machine the use of safety precautions


    We in the purchase of universal color printing machine, first of all to learn how to use the machine and the need to pay attention to what matters, following Kimtani Tao to organize a few points in the use of universal printer use……

  • UV printer to do the background wall tiles fly it


      UV printer do background wall tile reliable? At the beginning of many customers will have such doubts, after the industry becomes more mature, more customers began to use the UV printer to print the tile wall, some of them are u……

  • Safety precautions for use in color inkjet printers


    In the use of color inkjet printer should pay attention to what matters it? The following Jingutian universal printer manufacturers to tell you what to do.1, use the forklift to move the color ink jet printer. Printer should be pl……

  • The universal use of safety precautions of a printing machine


    Universal color printing machine the use of safety precautions are as follows:    1, universal color printing machine should be placed in ventilated environment, avoid high temperature or humidity.2, can not use wet hands to opera……

  • Universal printer to teach you a few strokes of the province of small tips


    Universal printer supplies are commonly used in ink, cleaning liquid, ink cartridges, grating ruler and data lines, and so many kinds of. Consume the most, the most commonly used is the ink. At present, the market price of ink is ……

  • UV printer manufacturers to teach you to improve the adhesion of UV ink


    UV printer manufacturers to teach you to improve the adhesion of UV ink? When we print the pattern, will encounter a variety of materials, there are many materials in the printing industry is not mature enough, there is a certain ……