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  • Universal printer which kind of good


    Many users often have such a question, universal printer which is good? In the market with a variety of popular brands, many buyers also make it difficult to choose, it is more difficult to judge what kind of universal printer, no……

  • Several factors universal color printing machine nozzle clogging


    Many users in the use of universal color printing machine, often encounter a universal printer machine nozzle is blocked. To give us a lot of trouble to work, affecting the production efficiency. However, many head is the blockage……

  • Together to explore the characteristics of the universal printer


    What are the characteristics of the universal printer? Universal printer manufacturers today by Jin Gutian to tell you, the following universal color printing machine features: 1 no plate, color, regardless of color, color is a cr……

  • What are the disadvantages of flat printer


    What are the disadvantages of flat printer? The printer manufacturers give you detailed by Jin Gutian, flatbed printer has the following major shortcomings.1 because of the water permeability, it can not be displayed on the black ……

  • A3 universal printer features are those?


     First of all we are familiar with the A3 universal printer is a small printing equipment, because of its small size, the print range is small, for some mobile phone manufacturers, shell jewelry small items to businesses this is t……

  • What is the ICC curve for UV printer manufacturers to talk about


    What is the ICC curve? Perhaps most people do not know, all is normal, but in contact or UV printers in this line of development much more about. Some people think that with the ICC curve will be able to print out a very beautiful……

  • UV tablet printer's 5 major shortcomings of 99% people do not know


    I am in the tablet printer this piece of work, contact with the tablet printer for a long time, in the book, online also collected some information, now here to share with you. UV flat-panel printers have those shortcomings? In fa……

  • The advantages and disadvantages of Ricoh UV printer


        Ricoh nozzle has been used in many factories, the advantages and disadvantages of Ricoh nozzle is also slowly back, never learned to understand, Ricoh nozzle is completely the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.Technically,……

  • What is the role of UV printers


    With the rapid development of industry, the scope of application of printing is also more and more widely, can be printed on any medium. So UV printer in today's printing industry and play a what kind of role?    UV printer is a h……

  • Universal printer manufacturers tell you the printer head secret


    Universal printer nozzle is the core industry, currently has the ability of R & D and production of nozzle and only a few countries, the most concentrated production country belongs to Japan, EPSON, Ricoh, Seiko, KYOCERA and so on……