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  • 激情碰撞,绽放活力 ——“金谷田第二届台球争霸赛”完美收杆



  • 新年首个工作日省委书记车俊到金谷田浙江工厂调研指导工作



  • 金谷田“夏不为利 畅享六月”品牌促销活动正式上线!


  • Jingutian business KTV party


    In July 22nd, Jin Gutian K all colleagues business department, the party organized by the team leader, hope to promote exchanges in the work, as well as new colleagues can quickly into the family of Jin Gutian. The following is ……

  • Stunned! Super stability kgt-1016uv printer for only 99999 yuan!


    Last month old customer feedback Rangli activities, activities are very successful, just 25 days 28 Taiwan machine sold almost all activities. But the people of kgt-1010 or enthusiasm so far according to customer requirements a……

  • All colleagues Huizhou two day tour


    Hot summer, in order to relax and promote the exchange of physical and mental. Jingutian company arranged Huizhou 6.18, 19 days for two days, the 2 day tour of Huizhou contains Xunliao Bay fishing, CS field, beach barbecue, karao……

  • Notice on May Day holiday


    May day is approaching, the company has a holiday as follows: January May 2nd, a total of 2 days in May, May 3rd (Tuesday) to work as usual.Dear customers: May Day period, need to order a variety of ink new and old customers pleas……

  • Once a year Jingutian fire drill


    Went to the summer, close to 51, Jingutian staff held once a year the fire drills to improve emergency fire emergency ability. First of all, facing the fire, keep calm, then the security of the evacuation, in order to escape from……

  • In April the party


    Sales Department staff Southern China City dinner, in celebration of the March brilliant performance cheers, but also for our April to achieve better results cheer!After dinner, they started to sing into K, relax in loud singing l……

  • About Ching Ming Festival holiday notice


    Notice Pass [2016005 number] Theme: about the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday noticeColleagues in various departments:April 4th is the Ch……