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Ricoh UV printer

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产品名称:4550 small UV printer

The failure rate is low, can adapt to various environment and other advantages. Higher accuracy and efficiency!









* customer service service commitment:

1 provide layout proposal system for customers, to ensure the smooth installation in place.

2 to provide free training of factory site, installed the site two times review training;

3 provide one year free warranty, life-long maintenance, in 48 hours 72 hours outside the door, arrange the door;

4 each equipment to the customer site, equipped with a door installation debugging personnel, standard machine to confirm the product assembly process;

Quanguolianbao, warranty period: one year warranty (Note: if manufacturers have customer service guarantee, in the presentation of goods the goods in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions to perform customer service service. You can check the brand in the after-sales service center around the contact, please click here to check the official website: